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Dear Users,

          We are pleased to announce that in order to better serve our new users and enhance your trading experience, we have launched a series of exciting new user tasks and daily tasks on our exchange platform. By participating in these tasks, you will have the opportunity to win great prizes!

New User Tasks Introduction:

Registration Reward: you will receive a reward after successful registration, you will be rewarded with 1u.

First Spot Transaction: Complete your first spot transaction with more than 200u and you will be rewarded with 1u.

First Time Recharge Bonus: The first time you recharge the platform with an amount of 50u or more, you will receive a 1u bonus.

Completion of KYC Certification: After passing KYC certification, you will receive 1u bonus.

First Contract Transaction: The first time you make a contract transaction with a transaction amount of more than 2000u, you will receive a 1u bonus.

For every new user task you complete, you will receive a 1u bonus. This is tailored for new users and is designed to help you better familiarize yourself with the platform's features while enjoying the fun of trading.

Daily Tasks Introduction:

Daily Spot Trading: you will get 1u reward for completing spot trading tasks every day.

Daily Contract Trading: Every day you complete a contract trading task, you can also get an additional 1u bonus.

          By completing these two tasks daily, you can receive a total of 2u in rewards every day. When the accumulated rewards reach 60u, you can apply for withdrawal.

          We invite all new users to participate in these tasks and experience the diverse trading services of our platform. Take this opportunity to start your trading journey and earn extra rewards at the same time!

          Start trading and win rewards!


Use your browser to enter the website and open the ZKE Exchange platform.

In the top navigation bar, locate "Task Center" and click to access it.


1.Enter the URL in your mobile borowser

2.Click on the 'Task center' icon in the menu bar.


Step 1: You need to open our website by typing into your mobile browser.

Step 2: Click on the blue download button in the lower right corner to download the app.

Step 3:Login to your zke account (if you don't have one yet, you need to register first).

Step 4: Click on your avatar icon in the upper left corner, find task center in the menu bar and click on it.

Detailed description of Task Center functions:

1. The blue icon "check in" button marked on the left border is the daily check-in function, users can click it to enter and receive rewards through the daily check-in.

2. Right border marked by the yellow icon "reward center" button is the reward center, the user can click on it to understand the details of the reward, as well as when the user's reward reaches the amount of cash withdrawals apply for cash.

3. The border below marks the list page, which shows the types of tasks in the Task Center.

The following is the explanation of the 7 tasks of this activity:

          1. The picture on the left side shows 5 tasks for new users, these 5 tasks are registration bonus, first spot trading, first recharge, kyc bonus, first contract trading, new users can get 1u bonus for each task.

          2. The picture on the right side shows 2 daily tasks, which are daily spot trading and daily contract trading. By completing these two tasks daily, users can receive a daily reward of 2u, which can be withdrawn when the total amount of reward reaches 60u.

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