MC Token Update to BEAMX on ZKE (231117)


Last Update 22 hari yang lalu

Dear users,

          Greetings! ZKE platform has successfully completed the replacement and increment of Merit Circle (MC) tokens, as well as the change in currency name to Beam (BEAMX). The BEAMX/USDT spot trading pair liquidity services are now open.

1.All BEAMX tokens have been distributed at a ratio of 1MC = 100BEAMX.

2.Recharge and withdrawal services for MC tokens will no longer be supported.

3.Please refer to this version for the announcement regarding the replacement of MC tokens.

Currency Name: Beam (BEAMX)

Trading Pair Name: BEAMX/USDT

Main Chain: ERC20

Smart Contract Address: 0x62D0A8458eD7719FDAF978fe5929C6D342B0bFcE

           Kindly stay informed and take necessary actions promptly. We appreciate your cooperation.

ZKE Team


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