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Dear user,

          The bull market is approaching, and ZKE Exchange cordially invites you to participate in the "Bull Market Launch Ceremony." Simply complete a few simple steps to win tokens and share the wealth and prosperity brought by the Year of the Dragon.

          During the event, any trading activity on the ZKE Exchange (including buying, selling, spot trading, futures trading, and quantitative trading) will be rewarded with ZKE Platform Tokens (ZKB).

          The total airdrop for this event is 157,500,000,000 ZKB, available while supplies last.

Event Duration:

          Start Date: March 1, 2024, 22:00 (GMT+8)

          End Date: August 31, 2024, 10:00 (GMT+8)

          Airdrop Official Website:

          Transaction Volume Inquiry:

How to Participate:

          Step 1: Download the ZKE Exchange APP or visit the official website WWW.ZKE.COM, complete registration, and log in.

          Step 2: Participate in trading any cryptocurrency in any way to receive an airdrop equivalent to your trading volume in ZKB.

          Step 3: Share your referral link, invite friends to register and participate in the event. Your friends will receive an airdrop equivalent to their trading volume in ZKB, and you can also receive an airdrop of 10% to 50% of your friends' trading volume.

          Step 4: If you are an existing ZKE user, invite 5 friends to register and participate in the event, and you can receive an airdrop equivalent to your pre-event trading volume in ZKB.

          Step 5: The top 50 traders by weekly trading volume will automatically receive ZKB rewards granted by the system. Click the link to view the trading volume rankings.

Reward Allocation:

1.Trading Volume Reward:

(1)Duration: March 1, 2024, 22:00 to August 31, 2024, 10:00 (GMT+8)

(2)Airdrop Requirement: Participate in trading any cryptocurrency, in any mode.

(3)Reward Distribution: ZKB tokens will be distributed according to the trading volume.

(4)Claim Method: After the event ends on August 31st, 2024 at 10:00 AM (GMT+8), airdrop tokens ZKB corresponding to your total trading volume will be automatically sent to your account.

For example: If a user trades multiple cryptocurrencies with a total spot trading volume of 1,160,000 USDT, they will receive 1,160,000 ZKB tokens.

2. Rewards for inviting friends:

Number of friends invitedReward distribution
1 person10% of friend’s trading volume
2 people20% of all friends’ trading volume
3 to 4 people30% of the trading volume of all friends
5 to 7 people40% of the trading volume of all friends
8 or more50% of the trading volume of all friends

Note: The token reward you get for 10%-50% of your friend's trading volume is an additional reward and will not affect the reward your friend deserves.

3. Weekly ranking rewards:

Weekly trading volume rankingReward distribution
top 101,000,000
11th to 20th place500,000
No. 21 to 50100,000

Note: The start and end time of the first week is from 22:00 on March 1, 2024 to 10:00 on March 10, 2024 (East Eighth District time). The rest are calculated in natural weeks.

4. Additional rewards

Reward objectReceive airdrop requirementsReward distribution
50 lucky users every weekParticipated in at least one valid transaction on the ZKE platform, with a transaction volume of 100usdt (spot trading, contract trading, quantitative trading)100,000
Old users of ZKE platformInvite at least 5 friends to register and participate in the eventAllocation of equal amounts of tokens based on trading volume before the event starts

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