ZKE Futures Will Launch ID-USDT Perpetual Contracts with Up to 75X Leverage


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Dear Users:

ZKE Futures will launch ID-USDT perpetual contracts on 2023-03-29 07:00 (UTC) with up to 75x leverage.

More details on IDUSDT Perpetual Contracts can be found in the table below:

Perpetual Contracts IDUSDT
Launch Time 2023-03-29 07:00 (UTC)
Underlying Asset ID
Settlement Asset USDT
Face Value 10 ID
Max Leverage 75X
Trading Hours 24/7

Please note:

• Based on market risk conditions, ZKE may adjust the specifications of the contracts from time to time, which include the tick size, maximum leverage, initial margin, and/or maintenance margin requirements.

About ID:

• Introduction of ID:

⚫SPACE ID is building a common name service network, providing a one-stop identity platform for discovering, registering, trading and managing Web3 domain names. It also covers a Web3 name SDK and API for cross-blockchain developers to use, and provides everyone with a multi-chain name service to easily establish and create their own Web3 identities.

⚫ID is the native token of the SPACE ID ecosystem and is used for the following functions:

Pledge : Pledge ID tokens to get discounts on SPACE ID domain name NFT market transaction fees and Web3 domain name registration discounts on SPACE ID.

Payment : As a means of payment within the SPACE ID ecosystem and for Web3 Name SDK integration.

Governance : Users can participate in SPACE ID DAO proposals.

⚫ SPACE ID is building an infrastructure that includes the following major components working together:

One-stop Web3 domain name and identity platform : various incentive mechanisms, easy-to-use wallets and decentralized identities for users have been established.

Multi-chain name service : SPACE ID's multi-chain name service includes but is not limited to the top-level domain names that the SPACE ID team has launched and will launch, as well as other domain name providers that have joined SPACE ID with this pioneering multi-chain name service function.

Web3 name SDK and API : One SDK for all (one for all SDK) has been one of the main features of SPACE ID to support all Web3 dApps. It is designed as a unified, streamlined approach that greatly simplifies the integration of Web3 name services, frees developers from having to use multiple protocols, saves time, and reduces the risk of compatibility issues.

• Website:https://space.id/

• Twitter:https://twitter.com/SpaceIDProtocol

• Telegram:https://t.me/spaceid_news

Risk Warning: Digital assets are innovative investment products with great prices fluctuation. Please make a rational judgment on your investment ability and make investment decisions cautiously. ZKE will carefully select quality assets, but ZKE shall not be liable for guarantee, compensation, etc. for investment. We wish you a pleasant deal.

Trade on ZKE Exchange:https://www.zke.com/




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