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Dear Users,

ZKE will list IO. The details are as follows:

• Trading pair:IO/USDT

• Opening time of deposit: 12:40 6/11/2024 (UTC)

• Opening time of trading: 12:40 6/11/2024 (UTC)

• Opening time of withdrawal: 12:40 6/11/2024 (UTC)

About IO:

• Introduction of IO:

The IO coin ("IO") is the native cryptocurrency and protocol token of io.net ("the Network"). io.net is building an enterprise-grade decentralized computing network that allows machine learning engineers to access distributed cloud clusters at a small fraction of the cost of comparable centralized services. io.net is a decentralized GPU network designed to give unlimited computing power to ML applications. io.net makes computing more scalable, accessible, and efficient. Its mission is to unlock fair access to computing power by assembling 1 million + GPUs from independent data centers, crypto miners, and crypto projects such as Filecoin or Render.

• Website:https://io.net/

• Twitter:https://twitter.com/ionet_official

• Telegram:https://t.me/io_net

Risk Warning: Digital assets are innovative investment products with great prices fluctuation. Please make a rational judgment on your investment ability and make investment decisions cautiously. ZKE will carefully select quality assets, but ZKE shall not be liable for guarantee, compensation, etc. for investment. We wish you a pleasant deal.

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