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Dear Users:

ZKE will list OXT. The details are as follows:

• Trading pair: OXTUSDT

• Opening time of deposit: 09:00 03/31/2023 (UTC)

• Opening time of trading: 09:00 03/31/2023 (UTC)

• Opening time of withdrawal: 09:00 03/31/2023 (UTC)

About OXT:

• Introduction of OXT:

The OXT protocol is an incentived-point-to-point privacy network and decentralized VPN An application that enables private access to the Internet. Users pay a fee to the Orchid node provider in exchange for bandwidth. The providers pledge the Orchid token OXT to sell bandwidth on the Orchid network. The provider receives requests for traffic from users in proportion to its equity weight. Its first product is the Orchid VPN client, a tool that connects users to a market of service providers who sell excess bandwidth. The provider must pledge Orchid token OXT to activate its networked devices as Orchid nodes. A list of available bandwidth providers is stored in ethereum smart contracts that potential users can access. Users can choose the providers they want to route to for added privacy.

• Website:https://www.orchid.com/

• Twitter:https://twitter.com/orchidprotocol

• Telegram:https://t.me/OrchidOfficial

Risk Warning: Digital assets are innovative investment products with great prices fluctuation. Please make a rational judgment on your investment ability and make investment decisions cautiously. ZKE will carefully select quality assets, but ZKE shall not be liable for guarantee, compensation, etc. for investment. We wish you a pleasant deal.

Trade on ZKE Exchange:https://www.zke.com/




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