ZKE Will List ZK(zkSync)


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Dear Users,

ZKE will list ZK(zkSync). The details are as follows:

• Trading pair:ZK(zkSync)/USDT

• Opening time of deposit: 18:00 6/17/2024 (UTC)

• Opening time of trading: 18:00 6/17/2024(UTC)

• Opening time of withdrawal: 18:00 6/17/2024 (UTC)

About ZK(zkSync):

• Introduction of ZK(zkSync):

zkSync is a scaling and privacy engine for Ethereum. Its current functionality scope includes low gas transfers of ETH and ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum network, atomic swaps & limit orders as well as native L2 NFT support. zkSync is built on ZK Rollup architecture. ZK Rollup is an L2 scaling solution in which all funds are held by a smart contract on the mainchain, while computation and storage are performed off-chain. For every Rollup block, a state transition zero-knowledge proof (SNARK) is generated and verified by the mainchain contract. This SNARK includes the proof of the validity of every single transaction in the Rollup block. Additionally, the public data update for every block is published over the mainchain network in the cheap calldata.

• Website:https://zksync.io/

• Twitter:https://twitter.com/zksync

• Telegram:https://t.me/zksync

Risk Warning: Digital assets are innovative investment products with great prices fluctuation. Please make a rational judgment on your investment ability and make investment decisions cautiously. ZKE will carefully select quality assets, but ZKE shall not be liable for guarantee, compensation, etc. for investment. We wish you a pleasant deal.

Trade on ZKE Exchange:https://www.zke.com/




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