When Recharging BNB, XLM, XRP, KAVA, ATOM, and EOS, Need To Fill in the label, Tag or Memo?

John Bill

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To put it simply, when you recharge certain tag coins to ZKE through a specific blockchain, you need to fill in the corresponding tag Tag or Memo displayed on the recharge page in order to recharge successfully.

"Tags" or "remarks" are additional address features necessary to identify the recipient of a transaction other than a wallet address. When some digital assets such as BNB, XEM, XLM, XRP, KAVA, ATOM, BAND, EOS, etc. correspond to digital currencies, the corresponding remark Tag or Memo information must be entered in order to transfer effectively.

At the same time, when you withdraw the above-mentioned currencies to a wallet not created by yourself, such as an exchange address, you also need to fill in the receiving address of the other party, and you also need to fill in the label Tag or Memo to recharge successfully.

 Notice:If you If you enter a wrong address or wrong Memo or Tag, in some cases you may lose your assets.

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