Common Questions and Answers when Claiming ZKB Tokens (ZKE Token) Airdrop:

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What is  ZKB airdrop?

ZKB is a token issued by the ZKE platform to establish a more liquid, diverse, and multi-tiered community and DAO. The staking and mining incentive mechanisms maintain the ecosystem in a dynamic equilibrium. The trading mining and staking mining model implies that more than half of ZKB will be returned to ZKE community users in the form of transaction fees or dividends. Holding ZKB in ZKE will grant you more rights and interests. In the token distribution of ZKB, 10% of the total will be airdropped.

Did ZKB conduct an ICO?

ZKB has no plans to conduct an ICO. ZKB can be obtained by participating in official ZKE activities and airdrops. Any claim to conduct an ICO under the banner of ZKE is a scam, please do not be deceived.

What is the official channel for ZKB?

ZKB is issued by the ZKE platform, and the official website is: Please be discerning.

The ZKE official channel verification address is:

How to avoid airdrop scams?

To avoid airdrop scams, do not click on any unverified links, especially those appearing on social media or video platforms. Official information will be posted on the official page or official social media accounts, ensure to only trust information from official channels.

How to get the ZKB token from the ZKE airdrop?

To get the ZKB token from the ZKE airdrop, you need to register ( and trade during the airdrop event. After the trading snapshot is taken at the end of the event, the airdropped ZKB will be distributed to your ZKE account.

What are the ZKB airdrop events, and when do they start and end?

For the specific start and end times of the events, please pay attention to:

How can I know my total trading volume on ZKE?

You can enter your ZKE UID number on the website: to check your spot trading volume, contract trading volume, effective number of invitees, total trading volume of invited users, and the estimated number of ZKB to be airdropped.

I am an old user of ZKE with trading volume, will I get an airdrop?

According to the rules of the first batch of ZKB airdrops, old ZKE users with trading volume will also receive ZKB airdrops. The number of airdrops can be checked at:

Regarding account registration questions:

Question 1: If I register an account on ZKE, can I receive ZKB tokens?

Yes, you also need to trade or participate in some activities. When the time comes for you to receive your tokens, you will receive your ZKB tokens in your account. The airdrop will be credited to your ZKE account after the event ends.

Question 2: If I have multiple email addresses, can I register multiple ZKE accounts?

Yes, each ZKE account can use its own email address and internet alias.

Question 3: I never receive ZKE emails. Does this mean I can't receive the airdrop?

Our emails are sometimes blocked by filters (so, please check your spam folder regularly). However, even if you can't receive our emails, you can try to register with your phone number. You still have a chance to receive the airdrop.

Question 4: I invited users to register, do I get extra rewards?

If you invite users, and they register using your invitation link or enter your invitation code, you will receive a reward of 10% of the total spot trading volume of the users you invite in ZKB + 10% of the contract trading volume * 0.3 in ZKB.

Question 5: I invited users to register, but the user did not fill in my registration code, can I get a reward?

If you invite users, and they do not enter your invitation code or register using your invitation link when they register, this will result in you not being able to receive the part of the airdrop reward for inviting registration.

We will continue to update this FAQ list. If you can't find the question and answer you need, please tell us at [email protected], and we will respond to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us via the online customer service.

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