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Introduction to ZKE Exchange

ZKE Exchange is a digital asset trading platform registered in the Bahamas and built on ZK technology, which has been open and providing services online in October 2022, using a self-developed core system that can provide scientific reference for users' assets, as well as in-depth research and development of the products on the platform, we provide a safe and secure trading environment for our users while meeting their needs.

We are an emerging, forward-looking and innovative transparent and secure digital asset trading platform with a rich business portfolio covering mainstream digital currencies, contracts, options, derivatives and NFT and Web3.0.

Development Goals and Vision:

We do not pursue blind expansion, we build a small but fine high-quality digital asset exchange. ZKE is not only committed to providing financial transparency and compliant digital asset transaction services, but also to finding the most valuable investment projects for users and providing the best quality services for global users, becoming an industry model in the blockchain industry.

The innovation model

ZKE Exchange integrates mainstream currencies into a public chain to provide one-stop trading services, which through independent research and development of core systems to support the cross-border cooperation between CEX exchanges and DEX exchanges, to create a set of secure and efficient connectivity systems. ZKE Exchange integrates the world's high-quality mainstream currencies into the public chain and realizes the intercommunication of all chains and the global unified price through the way of an open interface. At the same time, the platform in the field of WEB3.0 to achieve wide-area, extensive, cross-regional, cross-language, and cross-industry research has also made some preliminary achievements.

Efficient operation (a team with rich industry experience)

The team members of ZKE platform are all from encryption technology companies, the world's top blockchain technology companies, and the financial service industry and professional technical service teams.

ZKE adopts the most advanced technical architecture in the core system and key components, which greatly improves the deployment efficiency of the system and ensures the user experience.

ZKE has adopted an efficient operation mode to ensure the continuous and healthy operation of the exchange.

ZKE reduces the operating costs of the exchange, and the operation and maintenance team is equipped with experienced operation and maintenance personnel, which can ensure the normal operation of the platform and guarantee the user experience.

Security (Safety and compliance)

User Assets: We provide transparent disclosure of our capital reserves. After the user's assets are collected, they are designated to the cold wallet and recycled with the wallet for withdrawal on the exchange. Put an end to the misappropriation of funds, the whole process chain is transparent and can be checked.

Data Protection: Auditability from data source to data transmission.

User privacy protection: Use the world's top hardware servers and cloud services to ensure transaction security. Real-time encryption of transaction data, data transmission process encryption;

Business continuity: Based on PKI system, business continuity correlation is realized.

System Security: The server anti-hacker protection mechanism and system encryption algorithm are adopted to realize multi-layer protection.

KYC Certification: Compliant KYC certification to fully guarantee the rights and interests of customers;

Ecological development

ZKE Exchange provides users with a better experience by deeply integrating technology and trading.

Ecological development can be achieved through the following steps:

a. Further upgrade the underlying technology of blockchain by upgrading smart contracts;

b. Provide diversified needs for users on the original basis;

c. Connect with other platforms through open interfaces, and continuously improve products according to market demand;

d. For the project side, we assign special personnel to provide professional compliance support for the project side.

User experience

Rich and perfect user service system: ZKE Exchange provides 7x24 hours of customer service, divided into a customer service management system and a specialist management system. Replace the cold, mechanized customer service of customer service robots with the enthusiasm of human service. At the same time, it makes full use of artificial intelligence technology to optimize the user experience and continuously improve the product service capability when optimizing and upgrading the system.

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