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Article 1 Compensation for Damages

The company shall not be liable for any accidents arising out of transactions that are outside of the trading rules stipulated in these terms and conditions and shall not be liable for any dispute arising out of the negligence of the seller or buyer. The damage or loss caused by the company's affiliates shall be in accordance with the terms of the affiliates, and the dispute between the affiliates and the customers shall be settled in principle.

Article 2 Disclaimer

The Company shall not be liable for any of the following:

A) In case of force majeure such as exhibition, natural disasters or national emergency

B) In the event of damages caused by intention or negligence of the user

C) In the case of a telecommunication service failure provided by other telecommunication carriers

The company shall not be liable for any disruption in the use of the service due to the reasons for the user's fault or mistake.

The company shall not be liable for the contents of the materials posted or transmitted by users

The company shall not be liable for any defects in the delivery of crypto- currency due to defective services of the crypto- currency issuance management system or telecommunication service provider or due to the periodic server inspection time

The contents of the crypto- currency registered in our site Exchange is registered by each customer and the company is not responsible for the contents of registration

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