Trading Fee Structure


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Transaction RatesTakerMaker
Spot Trading0.2%0.2%
Future Trading0.075%0.025%
Deposit RatesFree
Withdraw RatesThe withdrawal rate is based on real-time quotes from the liquidity pool.(currency account - select currency - click Withdraw to view)

Taker and Maker

Taker means that the user sets a price and places an order, but the order does not immediately match other orders in the deep list but goes into the deep list and waits for the other party to initiate a deal. For example, if the current sell price is 1,000 USD and the user places a buy order at 999 USD, the order will enter the buy order list in the deep list and wait for someone else to make a deal with the buy order at the sell price of 999 USD. The user who operates Maker will pay the commission of Maker.

Daily withdrawal limit

The platform determines the user's daily withdrawal limit based on the user's KYC level. All of the user's coins will be converted to USDT, and the total amount after conversion cannot exceed the withdrawal limit of the corresponding tier.

For example, if a user has a current Tier-1 rating, the daily withdrawal limit is 500.0000 USDT. If the user withdraws 300.0000 USDT and 100,000 FIL (based on the price of FIL to USDT at the time the withdrawal was initiated, and the same for other currencies) and 50,000 USDT of DOGE, the user has the accumulated withdrawal amount of 450.0000 USDT has been used, and the remaining withdrawal amount of the user is 50.0000 USDT.

At this point, if the user requests to withdraw 100.0000 USDT worth of XRP, the system will reject the request.

If you wish to withdraw more than the limit, please contact our Customer Service Manager.

KYC LevelDpositDeposit StatusC2C Status
Not certified20,0000Allow DepositProhibition of C2C transactions
basic-kyc-level50,0000Allow DepositProhibition of C2C transactions
Tier-1500,0000Allow DepositAllow C2C transactions
Tier-25000,0000Allow DepositAllow C2C transactions

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