Modify and unbind Google secondary verification

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Unbind Google Authentication on the PC Web
You need to log in to the ZKE account first, find the avatar icon in the upper right corner of the webpage, and find "Account management" in the drop-down option, as shown in the picture:
Go to the Google CapTCha section in Account management and click the blue "Turn off" button

Click "Obtain verification code" on the right of the first line, check the verification code on your phone, and enter the verification code in the first line

Open Google Validator to view the CAPTCHA and return to ZKE APP to enter the CapTcha on Google Validator.

Click "Submit" to turn off Google verification.

How to unbind Google verification on a mobile phone?
First, log in to your account and click the person icon in the upper left corner to enter the Personal Center.

Click on Security Center

Look for Google Verification in the Security center and click "Enabled" on the right.
Click the "blue button" on the right to turn off Google Verification and unbind Google Verification.

Click "SMS" on the right, we will send a verification code SMS to your bound mobile phone number. Please enter the verification code in the first line.

Open Google Validator, view the latest Google CAPTCHA, return to ZKE APP to enter the CAPTCHA, and finally click "Next" unbind.

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