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Change the mobile phone number on the PC Web
You need to log in to the ZKE account first, find the avatar icon in the upper right corner of the webpage, and find "Account management" in the drop-down option, as shown in the picture:

In Account Management, locate the phone number column and click the blue "Change" button.

Click the "Obtain verification code" on the right to view the original mobile phone number and check the mobile phone verification code.

In the second line, select the home area of the new phone number

Enter your mobile phone number on the third line

Click the verification code on the right of the fourth line to obtain the verification code, view the latest verification code received by the new mobile phone number, and input the verification code to the fourth line of the mobile phone verification code

Open Google Validator to view the CAPTcha and return to the ZKE APP modification screen to enter the Google Captcha at line 5.

Click the "Modify" button to complete the mobile phone number modification.

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