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How to invite more users from the regular rebate model to get the rich rebate
Invite your friends to join ZKE to get a rebate through ZKE's regular rebate mode. At the same time as you trade, you can get rebates by referring your friends to the corresponding trade, easily earning more revenue.
How to successfully invite more users
The more friends you recommend successfully and the more friends you invite to trade, the higher your regular rebate will be. (Please refer to the "Broker" page on the homepage for detailed rebate rules and precautions.
If you want to invite more users to join ZKE and get higher rebates, you can try the following ways:

Set your regular rebate code and post ZKE regular rebate link in your social channels.

On PC Web:Please click [User Center] - [Account Management] - [My Invitation Code] - [View]

On Mobile APP: Please Click the broker button on the main page.

the display system will automatically generate a special two-dimensional code for your invitation poster, you can share the poster to each social platform with one click. As long as users enter the registration and transaction through the QR code or link of the poster you share, you can get the rebate.

Put your regular rebate links together with your personal social information.
You can put your regular rebate link together with your personal information profile on your social media homepage for more users to see.

Share ZKE's good news and the latest news with your regular rebate link.

When you want to share good information or the latest news on the social platform, you can attach your recommendation link or QR code poster, which is convenient for interested users to register directly through the link you share, and you will get a commission.

Check the number of people you invite, etc. You can check it out by clicking on "Broker" on the home page.


*If the user you invite does not fill in your invitation code when registering the account, you will not receive the referral commission from the spot/leveraged transaction fees for the account.

Later, if the user uses your contract invitation code to open a contract account, you can only earn a contract commission from the user's contract transaction fees.

*When the system detects that the user has deleted the account, it creates another account to enjoy the ZKE rebate benefits. Once verified by the system, ZKE reserves the right to "cancel the rebate benefit of the account".

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